Pascal Saken, international businessman from Vanuatu, has travelled the whole world with his private jet to achieve his work as an international entrepreneur.

Among his manifold business ventures he had established his shipyard, dedicated to the building and the renovation of top-quality luxury yachts, several years ago. His yard is located in Phuket, Thailand.

Pascal Vu Anh Quan Saken from Vanuatu, at his shipyard in Phuket, Thailand

Boat bullding at Pascal Saken's shipyard

The first yacht built in his yard had been completed in 2002 and since then 5 other vesels have been built there.

Pascal Saken's shipyard is able to build the entire boat - from the hull to all interior and exterior fittings of the yachts; also including the electronics and the ship's engines, as well as all furnishings and carpentry onboard. In short, it has been manufacturing top-quality yachts from A-Z...

The skilled and experienced team at Mr. Saken's shipyard enables it to build yachts of a quality which is far superior to the one of boats built in any other shipyard in Asia. The excellent quality of the boats built in his shipyard can be easily compared to the quality of luxury yachts built in any top shipyard in Italy.

Pascal Saken is ready to travel all over the world to meet with his potential customers.

The shipyard of Pascal Saken

Pascal Saken at his shipyard for top-class luxury yachts

Interior of the Phuket shipyard of Pascal Vu Anh Quan Saken

He is also the founder and owner of the shipyard 'Tango' in Argentina and also the
Billionaire Yacht Club which provides charters of his fleet of luxury yachts, which include smaller to mid-sized yachts and also one classical schooner, as well as his most extraordinary boat, the Yart Billionaire Meditation, a luxury yacht spa and flotating paradise.

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The shipyard of Pascal Saken

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